Tuesday, October 28, 2008

List of Halloween horror movie and TV show marathons

For 2010 Halloween TV and movie marathons click here

Guide to horror movie and spooky TV show marathons airing on 

Want something spooky to watch while waiting for or hiding from trick-or-treaters? Here's a handy guide to some spine-tingling shows and movies that you can tune in to

List of Halloween related movie marathons and TV show marathons airing on U.S cable stations on Halloween, Friday October 31st, 2008:

ABC Family: Horror movie: Poltergeist

AMC: Horror movies: Halloween, Halloween 4, Halloween 5, Jeepers Creepers, Constantine, Resident Evil, House on Haunted Hill

Biography: Biography (featuring horror movie stars), The Unexplained, More Haunted Houses, Ghosts: Caught on Tape, Ghostly Encounters

Bravo: Horror movies: Omen, Exorcist. Show: Scary Movie Moments

Cartoon Network: Goosebumps

Cinemax: Horror movies: Darkman, Dead Silence, Event Horizon, The Return, Rosemary's Baby, The Hills Have Eyes II, Fear, I Am Legend, Jaws

Fox Reality: UFOs, Ghosts: Caught on Tape, The Search For The Next Elvira

Fuse: Horror movies: Feardotcom, Hellraiser, Body Snatchers

FX: Horror movies: Dracula 3: Legacy, Bats, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Cold Creek Manor, House of Wax, Halloween: H20, Ghost Ship

History: MonsterQuest, Exorcism, Haunted History of Halloween

TCM: Horror movies: Cat People, Freaks, The Devil Doll, Mark of the Vampire, The Devil Bat, White Zombie, The Body Snatcher, Bedlam, The Ghoul, The Haunted Palace, Die Monster Die!, The Shuttered Room

Travel: Most Terrifying Places in America, Halloween's Most Extreme, Haunted Town, World's Creepiest Destinations, America's Scariest Halloween Attractions, Most Terrifying Places in America, Ghost Adventures, Most Haunted

Horror movies: Omen I, II and III

Sci-Fi: Ghost Hunters

WE: Haunted, Extreme Ghost Stories, 666: Searching for Satan, Ghost Moms

WGN: Munsters

Check your local listings to confirm airings and times

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Anonymous said...

The WGN Munsters marathon is being hosted by Alice Cooper.

DP said...

You left out ABC Family which has been showing movies as part of their 13 nights of halloween. One is Disney's Hocus Pocus

Charlie said...

Thanks, I've added ABC Family

Fronge said...

If looking for some extra stuff than this then you can also watch Halloween TV shows here.

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