Friday, January 02, 2009


Deducting Deductions. Point and click game

Rotten. Create havoc around the house

Ski Runner. Don't crash

Bumper Stars. Bounce around to collect the fruit

Bricks Breaking. Click bricks of the same color (via Look At This)

Monkey Cannonball. Fire items into the basket (via Look At This)

Monster Trucks Nitro. Complete the course and crush things (via Look At This)

Snooker Balls Up. Don't let the cue ball get hit by the other balls (via Look At This)

Experience Project. Answer trivia questions to save dogs (via Look At This)

Memory. Find matching beer caps (via Presurfer)

Jewel Lines. Get balls of the same color in a line (via Jay Is Games)

Frantic. Kill baddies and upgrade your spaceship (via Jay Is Games)

Flubber Rise. Bounce as high as you can (via Jay Is Games)

Mixel. Get the kitty through the level (via Jay Is Games)

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