Monday, January 12, 2009

Neat sites

How to locate / identify a book you've forgotten most of the details about (includes some of the same resources I point to in my post resources to help you find the title of a book)

Net2FTP. Online FTP service. Upload your files from a browser (via AppScout)

SpotCrime. Large collection of links to crime maps and statistics (via ResourceShelf)

Recipe Key. Search for recipes (via ResourceShelf)

Measure of America gives you statistical maps of the U.S. (via ResourceShelf)

Get state health facts (via ResourceShelf)

Why do people start smoking?

How travel veterans pack for a trip

JustHearIt. Type in a song and listen to it (via ReadWriteWeb) Download torrents of albums (via MakeUseOf)

Sling alphabetical list of TV shows you can watch online (via Delicious)

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