Monday, February 09, 2009

neat sites

Printable Checklists gives you a bunch of checklists you can print and use (via That Freebie Site)

Famous Quotes and Authors. Find quotes for all occasions (via El Dorado County Library)

GradeSaver offers free online study guides for books, plays, poems and films (via El Dorado County Library)

See what your name means (via El Dorado County Library)

This Is Why You Are Fat posts pictures of over-the-top food (via Linkfilter)

That daily multivitamin you take? it might be useless

Info and rules on hundreds of card games (via El Dorado County Library)

Cute pancake caterpillar

PC World article on neat travel sites (via Internet News)

BestCovery is a product search site that helps you find "the best of everything" (via Marcus Zillman)

Strange s'mores necklace

Colorpx. Create your own pixel drawings (via MakeUseOf)

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