Sunday, February 15, 2009

Neat sites

This I Believe is a project that has people contribute essays describing a core belief of theirs. I love the search function because you can search by location to see if any of the essayists are from nearby

Shopping Center Studies has some surprisingly interesting info about shopping malls including terminology, history and even lists of books

The 10-80-10 theory states that in a crisis, 10% of people will be calm and functional, 80% will freeze and become confused and 10% will totally flip out

You probably can't tell when someone is lying

How to find a new job

The Vampire Library is a "resource for readers of vampire fiction, literature and non-fiction books." (via The Daily Read)

Brupt helps you search for Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Powerpoint (.ppt) and Acrobat (.pdf) files via Google (via MakeUseOf)

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