Sunday, March 22, 2009

13 things that can get a player or coach ejected from a baseball game

The 13 grounds for automatic ejection from a Major League Baseball game:

  1. Spitting at the umpires
  2. Kicking or throwing dirt at the umpires
  3. Flagrantly throwing equipment in obvious protest of a call
  4. Questioning the honesty or integrity of the umpires
  5. Drawing a line in the dirt (likely to show the path of the ball) in an attempt to show up the umpires
  6. Throwing objects from the dugout onto the field
  7. Leaving a field position to argue balls and strikes
  8. Doctoring the baseball
  9. Using a doctored bat
  10. Intentionally throwing at a hitter
  11. Charging the mound and getting as far as the dirt circle
  12. Directing profane language at the umpires
  13. Making physical contact with the umpires
(from As They See 'Em: A Fan's Travels in the Land of Umpires by Bruce Weber

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