Friday, March 06, 2009


Tattoo Artist. Be the best tattoo artist you can be

Bubble Master. Like Snood, pop the bubbles by getting like colors together

Blast Billiards Gold. Sink the balls

Guesstimation. Guess how many objects there are. I only got 2645 points

Press the Space Bar. I got 43 in 5 seconds (via Look At This)

Toxic Blocks. Click blocks of the same color (via Look At This)

Globetrotter. Locate world capitals (via Jay is Games)

2 free traffic simulator games

Colour My Heart. Neat platformer (via Jay Is Game)

Black Yeti. Eat the people (via Jay Is Game)

Through the Wall. Maneuver the black through the hole in the wall (via Jay Is Game)

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