Wednesday, April 29, 2009

neat sites

Create a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor for a chance to actually have it produced or a trip to the Dominican Republic

is a legal search engine (via AltSearchEngines)

Testfreaks "collects (mostly tech) product information and reviews from over 60 countries and several thousand sources to give you the best possible advice". Very handy if you're looking to see what product is considered the "best". A similar site is alaTest

Zhift is a search engine that only searches forums (via AltSearchEngines)

Find out if it's iced coffee weather in your area (via Slashfood)

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Anonymous said... do some pretty good analysis of reviews to list pro's and con's of each product and list the ones most suited to a particular usage. They recently won a Red Herring 100 Global award for their technology.

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