Monday, May 25, 2009

Book Review: Meg: Hell's Aquarium by Steve Alten

: Meg: Hell's Aquarium by Steve Alten

About: The fourth book in the Meg series about Megalodons, giant prehistoric sharks that were thought to be extinct but are very much alive. The first discovered Meg now has grandbabies hanging out in Jonas Taylor's Sea World-esque aquarium. An accident occurs and some of the sharks are sent abroad to a new aquarium. Chaos ensues.

Pros: I've read and enjoyed the other books in the Meg series as I like books about sea creatures like Jaws et al.

Cons: I won't be reading the fifth book in the series. I thought this book was awful. Thinly developed characters. I didn't care what happened to any of them. Book felt about 100 pages too long and the story did not grab me. The love affair seems tacked on, unnecessary and is also poorly developed as it moves far too fast to foster any connection from the reader. Illustrations look like what you might see in a low-budget sci-fi film. Many editing mistakes: Page 23 of the hardcover features "yellin g", page 71 has the acronym "MLST" not in caps, a character seemingly turns Russian on page 179 "Did you ever have sleep with Sean Connery?" and on page 175, Newman from Seinfeld in spelled "Neuman".

Grade: D-

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