Saturday, May 16, 2009

neat sites

Awful Library Books showcases "old, obsolete, awful or just plain stupid" library books (via

Wolfram Alpha
is a different kind of search engine, a calculation engine if you will. I'm having so much fun with it. Try entering your birthday for example, even "weather" followed your birthday will give you that info. Try some of their examples in many topics. You could waste lots of fascinating time here.

Wild Moods Swings. Select your mood and it will take you to a compatible web site (via Mental Floss Blog)

Find the date when a site was first published on the web (via Delicious)

Hoax-Slayer aims to debunk internet and email scams and hoaxes (via MakeUseOf)


Woosk said...

I just wanted to say i really enjoy your site. I came across is last night and spent quite a while scouring its pages. Ill be back often thanks.

Charlie said...

Thanks so much! Glad you like it :)

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