Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Review: White House Nannies by Barbara Kline

: White House Nannies by Barbara Kline

About: Kline is the founder of White House Nannies, a nanny placement firm in Washington DC. In her book, she focuses on busy DC couple Janette and David as well as Emma, the nanny Kline matched them with. This narrative is interspersed with tales of notable families, nannies and situations that Kline has dealt with.

Pros: Some of the stories are funny

Cons: Kline name drops and comes off as a bit pompous as she takes credit for successful nanny-family matches and seems to blame failures on traits of the family or the nanny. Stories feel repetitive as they mostly consist of "this nanny/family is great" or "this family/nanny is awful".

Grade: C+

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