Saturday, October 31, 2009

Neat Sites

Find tons of info like demographics, weather and home values about any area in the U.S. with CLR Search (via Best Biz Newsletter)

See marriage and divorce statistics for each of the 50 states (via Scout Report)

When they ask, don't give stores your ZIP code

How to troubleshoot weak wireless connections

Cyclops is a meta search engine that searches several royalty free stock photo sites at once (via AltSearchEngines)

Search Twitter with Tip Top (via AltSearchEngines)

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Shyam Kapur said...

Thanks for including TipTop in this list. TipTop’s powerful engine understands each and every message on Twitter just like a human being would. As a result, it can discover from within the data the very best tweets organized nicely along a variety of categories and concepts learned dynamically. In fact, the entire platform learns from data as data flows through the engine. You can now see in real time the sentiment associated with anything in the world that people are talking about.

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