Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Wednesday lists

Top 10 Google Chrome extensions

10 world leaders when they were young

5 ways to make productive use of Foursquare (and not be annoying) - foursquare - lifehacker

5 real-time location trends to watch

10 commercials guaranteed to make you cry

11 amazing fake 'Harry Potter' books written in China

22 sausages from around the world

10 reasons to go to a research university 

Top 15 most disgusting creatures found in South America (Thanks Danny!)

Top 10 love stories (via Lit Lists)

10 awesome safes (via Consumerist)

50+ ultimate useful cheat sheets for web developers and designers (via Delicious)

Top WordPress hacks of early 2010 (via Delicious)

37 amusing analogies and metaphors found in high school essays (via Delicious)

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Richard said...


I'm a writer for an Online Education blog and I've recently gone through a lot of cataloging software (42 to be exact) and picked 4 apps that I believe are the best in the following categories: Best Mac, Best Windows & Linux, Best Web based, and Best Delicious Library for Windows Software.

I noticed you linked the Lifehacker article about cataloging software:

When you get a chance, can you take a look at the guide? If you like it, could you give it a plug on your blog?  I think you're readers might find it informative and useful, at least I hope so, or I've just wasted a day on it;(

Here's the post:




Great lists btw! This site is pretty useful for find inspiration for my own posts;)

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