Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday lists

6 good web-based FTP clients for when you are on the road

15 best miniature golf courses

9 ways to reinvent your lunch

Top 10 classic movie transformations

8 worst breakup stories

Top 10 screen adaptations that should be made

4 ways to attend meetings on your iPad

25 classic fonts that will last a whole design career (via GeekPress)

20 books to help women through domestic violence (Thanks Phillip!

20 books to help you understand criminal justice better) (Thanks Jay!)

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Jeff said...

Your login's are the key to your server, and with FTP access a clever hacker can usually do anything. Including hiding his own activity (by using YOUR credentials).

So how does he gets these passwords? What's a good way to let user give them to you? By building a webbased FTP client and login everything.

If anyone at our office enters any of his logins in non-approved software he (or she) can look for another job because he just opened us up for identity (credential) theft and legal issues (claims, liability issues, breach of confidentiality etc).

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